Sunday Service: 10:45 AM

BIG Time (6 wks - 5th grd): 10:45 AM

Dirt (6 - 8th Grade): 10:45

Wednesday Night Teaching: 6:00 PM

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The Vanguard is one of ministry and service to Jesus Christ through His church. This Deacon and Deaconess position is not an office or position given to someone to honor themselves. This position is found in the Bible (Romans 6:1) to be a need for ministering in the church. To be eligible for this respected position this person must seek to consistently meet the following qualifications:


1. Be full of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:3,5) - Such people are spiritually minded and submissive to God's leadership.


2. Be full of wisdom (Acts 6:3) - Such people have spiritual knowledge and understanding that provide sound direction for the ministry of the church.


3. Be full of faith (Acts 6:5) - Spiritual people walk by faith and not by sight because they know and trust the God of the Word and believe in the Word of God.


4. Have a good reputation (Acts 6:3) - Such a person demonstrates integrity and honesty to others. He has a believable Christian life.


5. Should be grave or dignified and worthy of respect (1 Tim. 3:8) - Such a person faces life seriously and there is a certain stateliness about him that commands respect.


6. A person who is not double-tongued, but is sincere in his speech (1 Tim. 3:8) - Such a person should speak with verbal honesty and integrity.


7. Not a greedy person (1 Tim. 3:8) - Such a person is free from the love of money and other earthly possessions.


8. This person has a deep Biblical commitment (1 Tim. 3:9) - This person holds to the truths of the Christian faith with a clear conscience. They are not easily swayed from the truth because they strive to live what he knows.


9. Must first be tested and proven (1 Tim. 3:10 - This person must have proven over time that they are faithful and that their walk is credible.


10. Must also be beyond reproach and blameless (1 Tim. 3:10) - Such a person must display a lifestyle free from continual patterns of Scriptural disobedience.


11. This person’s spouse should be a person worthy of respect, not a malicious gossip, but temperate and faithful in everything. (1Tim3:10) - The spouse should be devoted to God and yielded to the Holy Spirit.


12. Must manage their children and household well (1 Tim. 3:12) - Such a person should demonstrate leadership in their home life. They should have a well-ordered family life, and well-behaved children (still under their authority).


13. Must recognize God-given spiritual leadership that is incumbent upon the office of a pastor and seek to submit to his leadership (Heb. 13:7, 17).


14. Shall practice "storehouse tithing" of family income (Mal. 3:10).


15. Should do all they can to create and preserve unity and harmony in the church (Eph. 4:1-3).



If you would like to serve in an area of the Vanguard please fill out the application below and return it to the church office.