Highland Excursion Employee

Highland Excursion needs an employee.

You get to drive our fun Adventure trucks(you do have to be able to drive a stick shift) and lead groups in the outdoors in Highlands/Cashiers area.

We offer a 5-star excellent experience, with personal custom and private experiences for every member of the family. Our guides are genuinely friendly, caring people who take pride in what they do. Highland Excursion is a faith-based family business. We serve others by working as a team and empowering each other by being accountable to our guests, each other and the communities we serve.

Our guide’s values are to lead with faith, love, patients, kindness, humbleness, and be respectful, trusting, unselfish, forgiving, truthful and dedicated.

We create emotional connections by treating guests like a member of our family and by providing shared experiences that bring families and business groups closer together. We constantly improve by adapting to our guests’ changing expectations and managing safety, security, risks and resources.

As guides we provide fun and educational tours, bringing our tour destinations to life and making lifetime memories for our guests. It’s a very rewarding and exciting job—where the great outdoors is your office, and you meet people from all over the world.

Highland Excursion prides itself on its commitment to a great work environment. We invest in employee development and training, and there are advancement opportunities throughout the company. We strive to provide competitive pay for our employees.

Check out www.highlandexcursion.com

Note: CBC will match requests by order of priority, and by a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you!

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